Summer 2018 Interactive Storytelling Program

Project 1: Eko Studio Interactive Stories
In groups of two, the summer interns and youth created their first interactive stories on the free platform called Eko Studio.

Cooling Off - Sean and Valentina
Lost - Kaleb and Kaylin
Graffiti Spotting - Matthew and Levi
All Things in Murderation - Diamond and Erika

Project 2: Interactive Web Series Pilot
Narrative and writing were the main focuses for this project. Many story-crafting exercises came before the final drafts, and everyone had time to brainstormed outside. The group was split in two for these projects, for a total of two interactive web series pilots. They can be seen on YouTube.

Out of The Fields

Project 3: The Story of an App
Is it hard to create an app? Using the MIT App Inventor, one can build a demo phone or web application by simply dragging and dropping. How about creating a story with the application? In teams of two, the summer youth were tasked to turn their applications into stories by choosing themes and age groups that the stories would be targeted towards.

If you have an Android device you can check out these projects by first downloading them on your phone from the links below, then follow these instructions here, on how to install them.

Little Sprouts - Play | Download
Super Cool Project - Download
The Actual Project - Download

Project 4: Interactive Poster
Communication is key for poster design, and the summer youth coded their own posters using Processing 3. They added text, shapes, images as well as open processing to produce flowing posters that could be seen as music or promotional artwork. With some coding knowledge, the next project involves a few new languages with some similar concepts.

Interactive Poster Video

Project 5: Beginner Website
The summer youth created their very first websites using HTML, CSS and some JavaScript. The websites have themes that represent themselves, and are abstract to the topics they wanted to work on.

Cute - Sean and Nate
Fashion - Erica, Val and Kaylin

Project 6: Glitch VR Websites
Using Glitch and A-Frame coding, I taught the summer youth how to create VR websites that you can use on your computer and phone. Glitch generates random domain names, so the themes for the projects were based on those. The next part was to become familiar with the 3D space, and how to change the positions, rotations and animations of objects. Summer youth now have a spatial awareness of the 3D digital world, leading into the next project.

Erica, Nate and Diamond
Divine and Valentina
Kaylin and Sean

Project 7: 3D View of Regent Park
For the final project, the summer youth designed and constructed a brand new version of the Regent Park neighbourhood. In an outdoor brainstorming session, they were asked four questions: what are three things you like about Regent Park? What are three buildings/spaces that you want to stand out in the community? Who are three people who are significant to the area, and what are they doing? What is the impact of the changes that are seen in the new Regent Park? The project was a great success, and the projects are 3D, creative blueprints of the neighbourhood.

3D Regent Park Video

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