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The aim of the Regent Park Focus Photography program is to make photography relevant to local people, by including them as the creators' subjects and audience. Generally taught as a 10-session certification program, participants are introduced to digital photography cameras, shooting techniques, editing software. It is expected that all participants will contribute to a photo project featuring an on-line or gallery exhibition of their work.

Contact us for more details. You can also view our program schedule to view all other workshops.

Past Present and Future Audio Photo Series Project - (2017)

A photo story-telling project that explores Regent Park from the perspective of former and current residents of Regent Park.

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Photoclub Gallery - (2006)

flowersconstructionbirdred flowerbikeplant

Journey Home - (2005)

Journey Home is a photo story-telling project that explores the journey from homeland to Canada, through the voices of Regent Park residents.

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