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Radiometres - Youth Radio Alliance & Exchange (2013–2014)

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Radio Spoken Word

Title Description   Duration Download
Pipeline 9 The Catch da Flava crew talk about the pros and cons of the Northern Toronto Pipeline 9.   36min Play
Mothers' Day What does Mothers' Day mean to you? Why is it an important holiday?   10min Play
Youth Talk About Rob Ford Youth Talk About Rob Ford.   12min Play
Nelson Mandela Tribute On tonight's show we celebrate the life of Nelson Mandela in this special tribute episode of Catch da Flava.   36.46min Play
Recent Brampton Violence On tonight's topic Isaac, Omar, Monir talk about the latest incident of violence in Brampon 17 year old stabbed in Brampton, Ontario.   18min Play
Clara Interview Tonight we interview actress and play writer Clara.   34.47min Play
Communication Technology and The Social Problems that Come with Them Tonight's show we talk about social media and how much people have absorbed their lives into communicating online as opposed to in person.   37.39min Play
Youth Homelessness A discussion about youth homelessness. Hosted by Horace, Mark and Josh and Guest Travis.   25min Play
Alternative Schools Tonight we talk about alternative schools. Guests include several grad students from alternative education who share their experience in attending alternative learning.   46.11min Play
Sochi Olympics and Gay Rights in Russia A discussion around the issues of gay rights creeping the media since the preparation of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. Hosted by Mark, Tyrone, Isaac and Brandon.   44.06min Play
Team Spirit Team Spirit.   14.41min Play
Student Tuition Fees On tonight's show we talk about the struggles of tuition fees in colleges and universities and the difficulties of paying off student loans.   39.09min Play

Radio Public Service Announcements

Title Description   Duration Download
Internet Safety A PSA about internet safety. Produced by Aidan.   1.07min Play
Discrimination Towards Disabled People A PSA about discrimination towards disabled people, produced by Nedda.   2.09min
Media Concentration Media Concentration. Produced by Kaylin.   1.43min Play
Internet Bullying A PSA about cyber bullying produced by Kayden.   41sec
Bullying Stops Here A PSA about bullying produced by Lidia and Kenisha.   40sec Play
Alcohol Abuse A PSA about alcohol abuse.   1min
Active-Living A PSA about the importance of active-living.   30sec

* Divas Girls Group *

The following are radio works that were scripted and produced by young people involved in the Diva's Young Women's Media Program.

Radio Dramas

Title Description   Duration Download
The Party An audio dramatization. Produced by The Diva's Girls Group.   1.51min Play
The Classroom An audio dramatization about peer pressure. Produced by The Diva's Girls Group.   1.23min Play
Peer Pressure An audio dramatization about peer pressure. Produced by The Diva's Girls Group.   2.41min Play

Radio Public Service Announcements

Title Description   Duration Download
School Stress A PSA about school stress produced by Julia and The Diva's Girls Group.   26sec Play
Bullying A PSA about bullying produced by Thusany and The Diva's Girls Group.   18sec Play

Click here to listen to youth radio dramas, PSA's and spoken from The Cave.

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