You Are What You Eat

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You Are What You Eat - Web Comic 1 (Abu) You Are What You Eat - Web Comic 2 (Mustafa and Noor and Said)

Radio Shows

The Diva's Girls Group and Erdine Hope talk about what they have learned from the healthy eating workshops at Regent Park Focus, on Radio Regent's show "Ear Candy".


Catch da Flava crew talk about interesting facts about healthy eating, on "Catch da Flava Youth Radio" hosted by Jerry Z, Tyrone (T-Bone), Emmanuel (Bubba Africa), Joanne and Isaac.


Vina and Christine talk about their personal goals with fitness and healthy eating. Features a special guest in fitness.



Blog Entries

10-18-12 - Regent Park Focus Blog: Boyz to Men - Second Week of Fitness
12-07-12 - Regent Park Focus Blog: Divas - "You Are What You Eat" Intro
01-11-13 - Diva Girls - Healthy Eating and How it Affects Your Mind
01-31-13 - Healthy Eating Workshop (A Visit From CAMH)
02-02-13 - Healthy Eating Continued
03-18-13 - Regent Park Focus Blog: Divas - March Break

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