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The FOCUS Broadcast News

The FOCUS Broadcast News is committed to informing the broader community about the latest Radio Regent and Regent Park TV broadcasts produced by the FOCUS Media Arts Centre.

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Catch da Flava Online

Catch da Flava Online is a collection of articles written by our community of journalists.

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The FOCUS Buzz is a seasonal newsletter, reporting on the operations of the FOCUS Media Arts Centre and programs

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FOCUS Media Arts Centre (FOCUS) stands strong with our black community and fully supports the fight against anti-black racism with the ongoing work of groups such as Black Lives Matter. FOCUS continues to play an active role in ensuring equity, diversity, and inclusion within our communities locally and globally. In the wake of the racial tensions following the public killing of George Floyd in the United States, and cases of police brutality against Black and Indigenous peoples in Canada, we are keenly aware that the ongoing work at FOCUS is even more vital. Sadly, there is still more work to be done and FOCUS is committed to meeting that challenge. As a Hub of change, FOCUS is dedicated to using its media platforms and social media strategies to engage with the community, both locally and globally, to contribute to inclusion and systemic change involving diversity, race, poverty, gender, LGBTQ2, intergenerational trauma, addictions, mental health and indigenous inclusion. As recent events continue to unfold, we stand firm in the belief that it is our collective responsibility to continue fighting against anti-black racism and oppression in all its manifestations while pushing forward positive change.

Focus Media Arts Centre’s Board of Directors

June 22, 2020

Radio Regent's COVID-19 News

Week of May 29th, 2020 (13min)

Featuring: Covid-19 update; talking about homeless during COVID19.

Play Newscast (5/29/2020)

Week of May 22th, 2020

Featuring: Covid-19 update; and the differences between Covid-19 and the 2009 H1N1 Influenza "Swine flu" pandemic.

Play Newscast (5/22/2020)

Week of May 15th, 2020

Featuring: Covid Update; Health disparity and tracking Race Based Data; Covid Shock Doctrine - Using the crisis to prepare for the integration of Technology in every aspect of life; Dominica Situation.

Play Newscast (5/15/2020)

Week of May 1st, 2020

Featuring: Covid Update; exit strategies from societal restrictions.

Play Newscast (5/1/2020)

Week of April 24, 2020 (16min)

Featuring: Covid Update; Trump’s de-funding of the World Health Organization.

Play Newscast (4/24/2020)

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