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Harbord Buzz

Harbord Buzz is a youth show produced by the students and graduates of Harbord Collegiate Institute. Show airs every Thursday from 5pm - 6pm on Radio Regent.

Radio Shows

Date Description Duration Download
January 28, 2016 Today's show is about universities. 1h Play
October 26, 2015 Halloween Special 1hr Play
October 27, 2015 Tonight's show is about politics. 11min Play
May 25th, 2015 Relationships and Moving On 1hr Play
Febuary 23, 2015 Introducing the new Harbord Buzz spin-off show the "Barbord Fuzz"! Hosted by Ellis and Ben. 1hr Play
November 24, 2015 ISIS and it's aftermath; discussions on Refugees, Islamophobia, and Canada's next steps in this muddled conflict. 55min Play
May 26, 2015 Topics related to making good connections and recent school dress code issues. 1hr Play
April 28, 2015 Discussions about happiness. 1hr Play
March 31, 2015 Tonight's show is about Pizza! 1hr Play
February 24, 2015 Discussions about equality and discrimination. Guest: Jennifer Arango. 1hr Play
January 27, 2015 Tonight's show is about love! 56min Play
November, 25, 2014 Discussing the holidays regarding togetherness, religion and tradition. Including an interview with Billy Talent's Benjamin Kowalewicz about keeping a band together. 57min Play
October 28, 2014 Growth through the perspectives of high school students and musicians, including personal, spiritual and political development. 58min Play

Audio Documentaries

Date Description Duration Download
June, 2014 A short audio documentary about upstanders versus bystanders. Produced by Victoria, Cassandra and Imogen. 7.55min Play


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