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Business In The Six

Business in the Six: A youth-hosted radio program on entrepreneurial spirit. The project directly engaged diverse young people in the radio planning and production activities as well as engaging them in community outreach activities and interviews with local, small business owners, artists, and social enterprise leaders. The radio features were produced and aired on Radio Regent.

Business in The Six Radio Interviews

Title Description Duration Download
Winchester Games An interview with software and game developer, Fernando of Winchester Games. 19:12min Play
Photographer An interview with photographer Ebti Nabag. Hosted by Tito. 14:31min Play
Violinist An interview with a Violinist. Hosted by Tito. 7:08min Play
Business in the Streets An interview with Business in the Streets. Hosted by Josh. 20:08min Play
Graphic Designer An interview with Graphic Designer, Harry. Hosted by Tito. 12:43min Play
Youtuber An interview with Canadian Youtuber, Sean Ward. Hosted by Catch da Flava. 51min Play
Gymnut / Honey Water An interview with Gymnut - Social Fitness Marketplace / Honey Water. Hosted by Jacob. 2:35min Play
BuddaBelly An interview with BuddaBelly - Jaicyea. Hosted by Josh. 20:30min Play
Show Love Cafe An interview with Show Love Cafe. hosted by Josh. 12:16min Play
SECK eMarketing Solutions An interview with SECK eMarketing Solutions. Hosted by Josh. 11:09min Play
Community Catering Collective An interview with Community Catering Collective - Sureya. Hosted by Josh. 22:12min Play
Basketball Program (BMD) An interview with Basketball Program (BMD). Hosted by Keasha. 8min Play
Shoe Reseller An interview with someone who buys and sells shoes. Hosted by Dandre. 6:42min Play
Mortgage Broker An interview with Mortgage Broker. Hosted by Keasha. 13min Play
Basketball Player An interview with Basketball Player Tristan Blackwood. Hosted by Alex. 9:39min Play
Ford Consulting Group An interview with an IT Consulting Firm called Ford Consul Group. Hosted by Dandre. 4:11min Play
African Chief An interview with an African Chief. Hosted by Dandre. 2:24min Play

This project was funded by the National Bank One for Youth progam and produced by the FOCUS Media Arts Centre.


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