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Clean Air Zone Youth Media Campaign

The "Clean Air Zone Youth Media Campaign" project engaged youth involved in FOCUS Media Arts Centre in the creation of media resources, promoting increased awareness of air quality issues and toxic chemical exposure in the home and local community.

Clean Air Zone Posters

Clean Air Zone Radio PSAs

Title Description Duration Download
Triclosan Public Service Announcement about anti-bacterial soap and the dangers of triclosan by Needa and Ashley. 2:00min Play
My Clean City My Clean City Public Service Announcement about the awareness of environmental concerns. By Katherine. 1:12min Play
Litter Public Service Announcement about litter by Pierce. 0:35min
"It's Raining Eggs" Public Service Announcement about green house gases causing hailing. by Ryan. 2:24min Play
Air Conditioners Air conditioners: good or bad for the environment or your health? Hosted by Needa and Clint. 0:46min Play

Clean Air Zone Radio Segments

Title Description Duration Download
Side Effects of Pollution Side effects of pollution. Hosted by Issac, Trevonne and Pierce. 4:26min Play
Waste Management A short segment on waste management. Hosted by Darshana and Kathrine. 0:25min Play

This project was funded (in part) by a grant from Live Green Toronto, a program of the City of Toronto.


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