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New Media

The Regent Park Focus Media Lab serves as a resource for participants with an interest in developing computer based, interactive, multi-media projects. The Media Lab currently consists of four desktop computers and 12 laptops that are used to develop computer animation, computer games, hum-computer interfaces, interactive computer installations, websites, apps and virtual worlds.

2018 New Media Program

Project: Interactive Story Telling - Students explore interactive video Storytelling.
Project: The Story of App - Students develop app based stories.
Project: Interactive Posters - Students create interactive posters.
Project: Beginner Website - Participants use coding to build their first website.
Project: Glitch VR - Participants create VR websites for computer and phone.

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3D Design

In our 3D Modeling program, youth learn how to use advanced 3D modeling software such as Autodesk Maya and Mudbox. They gain skills in creating 3D objects for video games, rigging characters for animation and even how to produce an animated short film!

Indie Game Development

Regent Park Focus had some excellent indie video game developers lend there skills to the centre, with a variety of game development tools, including: Unity, Unreal, Scratch and Ren'Py. Some of the workshops even included 3D Modeling with 3D Studio Max and an intro to C# programming language.

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The Mobile Media Lab Bike

The Mobile Media Lab (also known as The Mammal) is a 2 rider-bicycle that looks like a boxy looking snail that carries media equipments such as speakers, radio transmitter, soundboards, microphones etc. The bike is taken into local community events and conducts live broadcasts and preproduce broadcasts and radio performances.

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Bike On The MoveBike On The MoveBike On The Move


Animation Jam is a calaboration of five animations with original music, courtesy of the new FOCUS Media Arts Centre Music Studio. Animation Jam was done in partnership with the Toronto Animation Image Society.

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