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Inspired by HiveNYC's Radio Rookies, FOCUS Media Arts Centre and Facing History have collaborated to produce youth-led internet radio series, school curriculum guides, audiovisual slide-shows using web-maker tool Mozilla Popcorn and a project documentary. Additional partners include Toronto District School Board, Rogers TV and a Canadian Aboriginal artist.

Radio Documentaries

Title Description   Duration Download
Religion An audio documentary about religion in the 21st Century. Produced by Declan, Harar and Iain.   8.25min Play
Upstanders VS Bystanders An audio documentary about upstanders versus bystanders. Produced by Victoria, Cassandra and Imogen.   7.55min Play
The Life and times of a Canadian Refugee An audio documentary about refugees living in Canada. Produced by Ryan, Jevon, Stephan and Blair.   8.50min Play
Identity An audio documentary about Identity represented by the clothing people wear. Produced by Selina, Ashifa and Maliha.   8.37min Play
Islamophobia An audio documentary about Islamophobia. Produced by Khandakar, Freshtah, Rasha and Aderya.   6.58min Play

Mozilla Popcorn Audio Documentaries

Title Description   Duration Download
What Is Art? An audio documentary on "What Is Art?". Our summer program youth hit to the streets of Toronto to interview people what they feel art is all about. also includes interviews with staff from the Art Gallery of Ontario.   51min Play
Mamma D An interview with Canadian Aboriginal song-writer Mamma D.   23.21min Play
Regent Park Reputation An audio documentary about Regent Park's reputation and how it has changed since the revitalization.   1hr 6min Play
BP Oil Spill An audio documentary about the BP oil spill.   4.54min Play
Internet Privacy An audio documentary on issues surrounding internet privacy.   32.53min Play
Tesla Electric Cars A audio documentary on the Tesla company that produces electric cars.   8.18min Play


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Funding for this project was provided by the Ontario Trillium Foundation..


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