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Title Description   Duration Download
Tozin Matti - Digital Assasin Tozin Matti's soundscape through the world of electronic signals.   1:10min Play
Tozin Matti - Computer Breakdown Tozin Matti expresses his frustration with his computer.   1:50min Play
Riel Moxon-Emre - Music is in My Soul Riel Moxon-Emre captures the music that touches his soul.   2:00min Play
Riel Moxon-Emre - Nomadic Dreams Riel Moxon-Emre takes us on a journey of his native home.   4:18min Play
Collin - Music Collin explains the music he hears.   1:13min Play
Courtney - Finally Courtney speaks her last words.   0:45min Play
Crystal - Best Friends Crystal shows how a best friend should be.   0:44min Play
Emmanuel - Fool Emmanuel realizes the world isn't as peachy as he thinks.   1:32min Play
Heraldo - Blue Heraldo speaks about all the blue things in the world.   0:56min Play
Herman - I'm The Extreme Herman never chooses to be in between.   0:48min Play
Jayanthini - Love Jayanthini explaining the feeling of love.   0:36min Play
Joey - Chocolate Joey tells the happiness chocolate brings.   0:35min Play
Ray - Thieves Raymond recaptures the chaos of thieves.   3:55min Play
Shayne - Rainy Day Shayne explains his dread of rain.   0:16min Play
Yang - Hot Chocolate Yang expresses the feelings hot chocolate gives her.   0:39min Play
Linh - At Last Linh - At Last   0:58min Play
Vinh - Lesson in Love Vinh - Lesson in Love   2:08min Play


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