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Catch da Flava Radio - Archive 2020

2020-03-05 | Download MP3

Topic: The dangerous of sexual health and issues about concent caused by influencers on the controversal video social media platform Tik Tok.

2020-02-11 | Download MP3

On today's Catch da Flava radio show for Tuesday, February 11, 2020, we focused on the topic of Legendary and Iconic Black Figures and Learning Disabilities. Our hosts were Jamelia and Thalia with co-hosts Fazra, and Shajuanah.

The young ladies exchanged a series of questions and facts about the two topics. They highlighted the major difference between icons and legends, which is that icons are still alive while legends have already died. Throughout the radio show they also made known the various learning disabilities there were in the school system. They had a very fun and informative program while gaining more knowledge about various aspects of black history and the people who are highly remembered throughout various parts of black history.

2020-02-06 | Download MP3

Topic: Today's episode of For Your Health we talk about Black History Month.

2020-02-04 | Download MP3

On Today's Catch da Flava radio show for Tuesday, February 4th, 2020, we had Fazra, Kadeja, David, and Francesa as hosts and we had decided to pick the topic of black history month. Black history month is celebrated in February because it coincided with the birthday of Abraham Lincoln on February 12, also Frederick Douglass on February 14, both of which dates black communities have celebrated together since the late 19th century. We spoke about a few black Canadian’s who are historical for their bravery and inventions, we sadly couldn’t receive a guest so we had a discussion with ourselves. For the other 20 minutes of “Catch da Flava”, we focused on substance/drug abuse. We wanted to enlighten people of the short-term and long-term effects and why drug/substance abuse is very bad for your body. We learned many new things around drug abuse and what can happen to your body when overdosing or even mixing different types of drugs. The reason behind us picking this topic was because we felt it needed to be addressed properly and we had the right hosts for this. The discussion went very smoothly and everything went as planned.

2020-01-30 | Download MP3

Today we talk about the history of Black History Month. How it all started and why is it celebrated. Ontario Black History Society. Achievements of black Canadians who have done so much for Canada and the rest of the world. Includes community spotlights.

2020-01-28 | Download MP3

Today we talk abou feminine health. Should feminine health products be free?

2020-01-23 | Download MP3

On today’s For Your Health radio show for Thursday, January 23, 2020, we focused on eating disorders. We were informed about a very debilitating and deadly disease by our special guest
Kaitlyn Axelrod. Today’s hosts were Jessie Fawcett and Loretta Bailey.

Our special guest, Kaitlyn Axelrod, is a Program and Outreach Coordinator from Sheena’s Place.

Sheena’s place is an eating disorder support centre for individuals over the age of 17 that are impacted by an eating disorder in some way whether it be themselves or a loved one. We discussed the demographics of people with eating disorders as well as the range of participants that Sheena’s Place provides services to. We also discussed what kind of eating disorders exist and their symptomology as well as the signs that parents should look out for in their adolescent children. Further, we discussed the stigma around eating disorders and how it impacts folks seeking recovery. These were just a few of the many areas we covered regarding eating disorders.

2020-01-21 | Download MP3

On today's Catch da Flava show Tuesday, January 21, 2020, we explored the topic of Climate Change with our hosts Shajuanah and Jamelia and co-hosts Kaila, Thalia, and Fazra.

A variety of questions were explored under this topic as the young ladies shared interest, knowledge, and a few laughs.

Questions such as: what is climate change? What is global warming? How has the climate changed in the past? And what is the difference between climate change and global warming were tackled. But in reality, can we really do something about Climate Change? The hosts assured the listeners that we could and the answers were that you could reduce your own carbon footprint in lots of simple ways, and most of them will save you money. You could plug leaks in your home insulation to save power, install a smart thermostat, switch to more efficient light bulbs, turn off the lights in the room(s) where you are not using them, drive fewer miles by consolidating trips or take public transit, waste less food and eat less meat, among many other ways.

2020-01-14 | Download MP3

On today's Catch da Flava radio show for Tuesday, January 14, 2020, we focused on two separate but intertwined issues. They were youth mental health and the youth justice system. Our hosts were Shajuanah and Jamelia with co-hosts Kaila, Thalia, and Fazra.

Our guests for the mental health segment was Michelle Cauch, a Student Success Advisor at Centennial College and Michelle Galeotalanza, a mental health professional and professor at Centennial College. They discussed what is mental health, why is youth mental health important, why is youth mental health different from the other age groups, what are the major youth mental health issues, where should the youth get help, how can they seek trusting professionals to speak to on issues of mental health? These were just a few of the many interesting topics and questions we discussed.

Our guest for the next segment was Rachelle Bloomfield, a staff, leader, and counselor at Peacebuilders. Peacebuilders is a nonprofit organization that provides restorative programs and services to young people and works towards effecting change in our justice and education systems. We discussed how the school system handled conflicts and conflict resolutions, suspensions and warnings for conflicts, resilience, and making yourself a better person.

2020-01-07 | Download MP3

For the first show of the 2020 year, the Catch Da Flava team took on the topic of HIV and its awareness among youth. Our guest on Tuesday, January 7, 2020, was Shamin Mohamed Jr, the founder of LetsStopAIDs, a youth-driven organization devoted to HIV prevention and exchange. Later Shamin was joined over the telephone by a staff member of LetsStopAIDS.

Hosted by Catch da Flava's Fazra, Shejuanah and Thalia the show featured a lively discussion about HIV. We talked about the need to start an organization devoted to HIV, the appropriateness of HIV education to elementary and high school-aged youth, misconceptions on who and how you can get HIV, the importance of regular STD medical check-ups for sexually involved youth, HIV symptoms, the problems with promoting abstinence-only as a form of prevention education, HIV partners, the stigma of living with HIV and much more.

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