New Media Lab

The New Media Lab is a computer lab studio open to youth, Monday to Friday after school. We run various workshops such as: graphic design, blogging, audio editing, 3D rendering, video editing and much more!

Graphic Design

The Regent Park Focus Graphic Arts program offers young people the opportunity to promote awareness of the issues they care about. In this unique partnership with educational establishments participants are encouraged to design their own social marketing campaigns using industry standard graphic design software programs. Get involved in politics and have fun doing it. Produce your own anti-racism poster, a flyer promoting awareness of global warming or "raise my allowance" sticker. Your message and your campaign are up to you.

HTML WorkshopHTML WorkshopHTML Workshop

Web Design and Programming

Using various tools provided by the New Media Lab, youth can learn the basic of web design and web programming. Using programs such as Adobe Dreamweaver and Photoshop. The youth will learn industry standard software for web design. Additional workshops include safe use of social media sites and blogging.

Social MediaHTML WorkshopHTML Workshop

3D Design

In our new 3D Design program youth can learn how to use programs such as Maya, Mudbox and Photoshop and After Effects. They will learn how to make 3D Models and create 3D animations.

Audio Editing

Youth can learn audio editing with ease at our new media lab using Audacity and Adobe Sounbooth and other great audio editing software. They can learn to how to produce soundscapes, audio public service annoucements and radio documentaries.

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Comic Book Design

In our Comic Life program youth will learn to how to first generate ideas on paper and transition those concepts into a digital comic strip using Comic Life 2.

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