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Resources and Projects
Eastdale Mini Podcasts
Radio mini podcasts produced by Students from Eastdale Collegiate.

Let's Talk About Sex!
FOCUS Media Arts Centre and Planned Parent Hood Toronto produced 4 radio shows with youth from the GTA around sexual health.

Regent Park Past, Present and Future
An audio-photo story telling project that focuses on the residents of Regent Park.

Walk Through Regent Park
University of Toronto students embark on a radio documentary of their walk through Regent Park, during their alternative reading week.

ACE Toronto
Educational resources around the understanding of asexuality from the perspective of asexual youth in Toronto.

Business in The Six
Radio interviews with young entrepreneurs from across Toronto.

Clean Air Zone
Project engaged youth in the creation of media resources, promoting increased awareness of air quality issues and toxic chemical exposure in the home and local community.

This is a two year collaborative project, supported in part by the CRFC, will team up youth from Kingston’s “The Cave” with Radio Regent "Catch da Flava" youth radio show.

Resiliency Project
Youth use multi-media tools to talk about resiliency issues.

Tobacco Talks
An audio visual resource exploring tobacco use in the city of Toronto.

Inspirit Project
The Inspirit Project discusses the topics of religion and cultural beliefs. Through radio shows and RPTV's new show Interfaith Dialogue.

The Radiozilla project inspired by the HiveTO's Radio Rookies. Featuring a collaboration of youth-led internet radio series, school curriculum guide, audiovisual slide-shows and more.

The Mobile Media Lab
Mobile Media Lab is a two person bike rigged with speakers and other technical equipment that allows it to broadcast sound and other features.

"You Are What You Eat"
"You Are What You Eat" is a healthy eating resource produced by youth ages 11 to 15 and presented through photos and comic strips.

Drug Awareness Program
The FOCUS Media Arts Centre's Annual Drug Awareness Program took place between 2007 and 2011. Focusing on youth produced posters, videos and audio drug awareness PSAs.

Journey Home
Journey Home is a photo and audio project that explores the journey of immigrants to Canada, living in Regent Park.

It's About Drugs
It's About Drugs is a collection of radio shows related to drug prevention.


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